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Bass Guitar Amplifiers

Brand: Joyo
MA-10 series is specially designed for different instruments, MA-10B: for electric bass   MA-10 series features various tones. Each model has dual channel dedicated for the related instruments, therefore you can switch easily: MA-10B: Switchable Normal / Drive dual channel MA-10 series is compact..
Brand: Joyo
Output Power 70W Speaker 12/8Ohm Input Sensitivity/Impedance Active/-10dBu/2.2 Passive/-20dBu/2.2 Controls Volume, Bass,Treble,Limiter,Graphic, Equalizer 80HZ/160HZ/315HZ/630HZ/1.25KHZ/2.5KHZ/5KHZ Indicator Light limiter Connector Jack Active,Passive,CD,Phones,Direct Out,Send,Return,Speaker Out..
Brand: Joyo
Output Power 35W Speaker 10/8Ohm Input Sensitivity/Impedance Input/-20dBu/2.2 Controls Volume ,Bass,Mid,Treble,Bright,Limiter Indicator Light Limiter Connector Jack Input,CD,Phones,Direct Out,Send,Return,Speaker Out Power AC220V/50HZ Net Weight 14.5KG Gross Weight 15.7KG Dimensions Length - 373x, Wi..
Brand: Joyo
Output Power 100W Speaker 15/8Ohm Input Sensitivity/Impedance Active/-10dBu/2.2 Passive/-20dBu/2.2 Contorls Volume ,Bass,Treble,Limiter,Graphic, Equalizer 80HZ/160HZ/315HZ/630HZ/1.25KHZ/2.5KHZ/5KHZ Indicator Light limiter Connector Jack Active,Passive,CD,Phones,Direct Out,Send,Return,Speaker Ou..
Brand: Joyo
Output power 10W  Speaker 8/8Ohm  Input sensitivity/impedanceINPUT/-20dBu/470K½  Connecting socdet INPUT,AUX IN,PHONES  Controls VOLUME,BASS,MID,TREBLE  Selection switch AUX IN,BLUETOOTH  The power adapter Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, Output 15VDC/4A  Net Weight 8.7KG Dimensions LENGTH 318 x WIDTH 294 ..
60w 1 x 10" Lightweight Bass Combo The Ashdown AAA 60 EVO is a lightweight, punchy 60 watt bass combo with a single 10” speaker and a raft of pro features. The AAA-60 features passive and active inputs, a 3 band EQ plus valve emulated overdrive, all of which make it a very practical combo for practi..
30w 1 x 8" Bass Combo The AAA-30 watt bass combo features a 1 x 8" speaker and delivers full-sized Ashdown bass tones at practice-appropriate volumes in a portable package. A 3-band EQ makes it easy to dial in the exact sound you're looking for. There's also an 1/8" line input onboard so you can pra..
120w 1 x 15" Lightweight Bass Combo The AAA 120 EVO is a lightweight yet feature packed bass combo which delivers a beefy 120 watts of classic Ashdown tone via a single 15” speaker. The AAA-120 includes both passive and active inputs, a comprehensive 4 band EQ with sweepable mids giving complete ton..
The AAA 100-BT EVO is a lightweight, feature packed 100-watt bass amp combo, which delivers a non-compromised and powerful bass sound via a single 12” custom designed Ashdown speaker.  Best yet, the 100-BT is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your music to the amplifier. T..
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