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02 Mar19 TC Eletronic: In Tune With Your Tone
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For every musician out there, being in-tune is one of the most important prerequisites to a performance. It hardly matters whether you’ve got the best rig if your instruments are out of tune. Luckily, for the bassists and guitarists out there, TC Ele..
11 Feb19 Rowin Pedals: Value for Your Money
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Pedals are the lifeblood of any guitarist in a band. Whether your genre is blues, metal or a variant of jazz, in order to get that perfect tone texture, you’re going need to use a pedal. While this holds true, pedals can be rather expensive. Aside fr..
04 Feb19 TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb: A Legendary Sequel
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Reverb is a necessary effect in any guitarist’s arsenal, allowing you to effectively control the ambience of any song. As far as reverb pedals go, none have amassed the reputation that TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame Reverb has, and with good reason...
29 Jan19 iRig 2: A Studio In Your Pocket
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For the guitarist on the go, carrying equipment around tends to be a tedious task. On top of lugging a guitar around, one must also consider their effect pedals, power supply, and their array of cables, making travel a terror for any certified gear h..
31 May18 Rabatech Audio Omega Drive
0 96
For the love of TONE                         Hi, my name is Migs and I love the electric guitar. When I was five years old, I always had a Spider-Man, Wolverine or Batman action figure with me where ever I went. 25 years later, these action figures h..
23 Apr18 M.V. Electronics Shreadhead Demo
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Here is a quick demo of the M.V. Electronic Shredhead by our friends from Pedal Lounge PH     SHREDHEAD SPECIFICATIONS:  • Hand built, numbered and signed by the builder  • High visibility indicator Blue LED  • True-bypass switching  • Cleans up ..
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