We present to you a wonderful demo of the Source Audio Nemesis Delay by our friends from Pedal Lounge PH



Hi guys!

We decided to make a demo of Source Audio's Nemesis Delay, but there are a lot of features/presets/modes in this pedal that we can't cover in one video. So we also decided to make a series of videos to cover all of its modes. (in the pedal and in the neuroapp)

We'll start with the Digital Mode.

From Source Audio's Website:

"Digital — A classic clear digital delay with optional delay time modulation. The intensity knob controls filtering allowing for high pass filters (creating a thinner delay sound) or low pass filters (creating a warmer delay sound). 12 o’clock on the Intensity knob offers a 100% pure, unfiltered delay. The Nemesis features a 56-bit signal path with a 24-bit delay line for immaculately clean repeats."

If you have any questions or suggestions, hit us up in the comment section.

Hope you guys like it!


                                                                                                               - Pedal Lounge PH