For every musician out there, being in-tune is one of the most important prerequisites to a performance. It hardly matters whether you’ve got the best rig if your instruments are out of tune. Luckily, for the bassists and guitarists out there, TC Electronic has the perfect assortment of Polytune tuners to ensure that your tone is in perfect tune, regardless of whether you’re rocking standard tuning, drop D, or even various open tunings.


Starting with the TC Electronic Polytune Clip, like most clip-on tuners, the TC Electronic Polytune Clip is sleek and small, allowing for maximum portability for the traveling musician. What makes this particular tuner standout, however, is its overall functionality.


Packed with three different tuning modes, the Polytune clip allows you to optimize your tuning experience. The first mode is the Polyphonic-tuning mode, which allows you to tune all six strings at once, saving you precious time that can be used on stage. The second mode is the chromatic mode–a classic familiar to musicians of all levels. The last mode, and perhaps their most revolutionary mode, is their strobe tuner mode, which guarantees pitch-perfect accuracy up to +/- .02 cents.


In addition to these three modes, the Polytune Clip also comes with a capo mode, allowing you to accurately tune your instrument even with a capo on; simply select what fret your instrument is on in the Polytune Clip’s interface. With a battery life of up to 18 hours on a single Lithium coin battery, functionality and ultrasonic accuracy, the Polytune Clip is perfect for musicians of all levels. Priced at only P2,700 (excluding shipping), the Polytune Clip is your ideal tuning clip. Get yours here:




Though tuning clips are great, there’s nothing quite like having a feel of an actual tuning pedal, ready for action at any given moment during the set. With this in mind, TC Electronic has its tuning pedal in the form of the TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini.


The TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini is definitely a marvel; small and sleek, it gives massive consideration to your pedalboard's size, saving much space with its miniature stature. In terms of functionality, the Polytune 2 Mini definitely carries all the features you’ll ever need out of a tuning pedal. Just like its Polytune Clip predecessor, it carries TC Electronic’s signature Polyphonic-tuning mode, allowing you to simultaneously tune all strings. More than just this, however, is its Chromatic-strobe tuning mode, which carries an unprecedented accuracy of up to +/- .1 cents, ensuring pitch-perfect tones every time.


With extremely bright displays allowing you to check your tone regardless of the light-settings of a venue, and a silent-tuning mode which allows you to tune your instrument without it ringing out on stage, the TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini definitely sets out a standard to be followed by other tuning pedals. Priced at only P5,150 (excluding shipping), the TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini is a necessity for any pedal-rig, regardless of genre. Get yours here:



With the TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini being such a catch, one would think that there aren’t any other functions you could possibly add on to a tuning pedal, an expectation that TC Electronic smashes out of the park in the form of its Polytune 3 Tuner and Buffer pedal.


Packed with the same features that made its predecessors such a hit, the Polytune 3, too, carries TC Electronic’s signature Polyphonic-tuning mode, along with its ultra-accurate Chromatic-strobe tuning mode. While it seems nothing has changed, the Polytune 3 now also carries a Buffer feature for the musician with insanely long-rigs. Knowing that tone-drain can be a problem for pedal-chains, the TC-Electronic Polytune 3 fixes this common problem by buffing your signal, ensuring your tone doesn’t suffer regardless of how long your cables and pedal-chains are.


Just like its previous versions, the Polytune 3 also carries a bright display, allowing you to tune regardless of the light-settings of a venue. Now also carrying an "always-on” tuning mode, you can confidently play knowing your instrument is in constant tune regardless of where you are in a set.


Both a buffer and a tuner in one, TC Electronics has definitely outdone themselves with their Polytune 3, making this tuner the ultimate tuner out in the effects market today. For a price of only P5,700 (excluding shipping), the Polytune 3 sets a brand new standard for tuning pedals everywhere. Get yours here:




With unprescedented penchants for accuracy in tone, TC Electronic's Polytune series is definitely a must-have for every and all musicians out there. The various Polytune Pedals can be found on the Pedallion website via SoundForge Manila and New Gear Day.