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Brand: Joyo
Although the JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion might look like it's an all out metal pedal it is far from a one trick pony. Yes you can get some astoundingly good Heavy Metal tones that Tony Iommi himself would be proud of but the JF-04 is capable of so much more. From a little blues rock crunch t..
Brand: Joyo
We picked 8 classic Overdrive and Distortion sounds after we studied a great many guitarists' preference, and finally pulled off one pedal by pure analogue circuit. S..
10/10  Functionality 8/ 10 Cosmetics -Unit with Box -PSU not Included..
Note: -Pedal Only -PSU not Included   Quick Specs High input impedance buffered bypass Output volume and master drive controls 3-Band EQ: bass, mid and treble Footswitchable Top Boost with separate control knob Tough and compact die-cast chassis 9-volt battery incl..
Brand: Danelectro
Note: - Pedal Only -PSU not Included   "The Danelectro Bacon N Eggs Guitar Effect Pedal is a portable two-in-one device to go with an electric guitar. This Mini Amp Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal is one of the smallest amplifiers available, with a considerable volume, relative ..
Description: It's easy to use the controls on the Plexion pedal thanks to its convenient layout and each control has a unique way of shaping your sound to suit you. There are three knobs that control Gain, Tone and Volume, as well as a toggle switch to flick between Bright and Normal sounds,..
The Super Hornet has been a long time in the making…at least in Nick’s mind. Based on one very special FOXX Tone Machine in Nick’s collection, this pedal is a shop favorite when it comes to fuzz and anything octave. We took the basic building blocks of the vintage circuit, tweaked..
Greer Amps expands the XFR line with a new offering!  The Royal Velvet Class-A British Drive and Pre nails the feel and tone of two of Nick Greer’s favorite amps. Imagine a world in which a V*x 30 watter and a Greer Thunderbolt30 got together. In that world, you’d end up with a soun..
We’ve all had those late nights, filled with loud music, questionable decisions, and the occasional run-in with a big, beastly monster that wants to rip our faces off…right? Well…this is that night, in pedal form. The Gorilla Warfare MKII is a pedal that we have had a ton of requ..
Prometheus is based in the preamp section of a popular Canadian amplifier. Its innovative circuit design can give you that tight modern metal sound that every metal guitarist wished. Key Features: Modern Tone – tight lows and clear highs with no mud or ice. Versatile – Perfect..
Note: ►Pedal Onlt; No Box ►PSU not Included Volume, tone, and distortion knobsTop boost switchEffect on/off footswitch with red LED indicator 15db boost and cut around a carefully selected mid frequency guarantees huge scoop possibilities Selectable top boost ranges 9V DC power jac..
Brand: JHS
The Sweet Tea V3 is our "Everything Medium-to-High gain 2-in-1” and it covers all the bases from light breakup, blues, rock, heavy grind and more. The Sweet Tea V3 is for anyone who wants a versatile overdrive/distortion that covers all the bases you need plus more. You’ll find m..
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