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Drayd Pro Custom Pedalboard
Drayd Pro Custom Pedalboard
Drayd Pro Custom Pedalboard (Registered on Jan 15, 2018 )

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We are customizing a two tier pedalboard with an ease for your extra pedals and can be stored under the 2nd deck (if you are using a switch looper this is best for you). Can also be a storage for your cables, etc. With female PL Sockets for input/output connected to your pedals, Power Switch, 2 inlets for PSU and optional plug-ins.

We are using light weight baltic plywood, crossed stainless plate, plain stainless plate.

Prices ranges from P5,500 to P17,500

Sizes and Prices:

Mid-endsl products

13x16" P5,500
13x18" P7,000
13x24" P9,000
These are all-wood with NO Top Lid Cover
Optional gig bag P2,200

High-End Products:

13x16" P12,500
13x18" P14,500
13x24" P17,500
High-ends comes With Top Lid Cover (Wood and crossed plate stainless) plain Stainless underneath the board.

Build process will take 10-13 days.

Rest assured that our products are lightweight compared to other flight cases.

For more info please check out our fb page
Dryad Pro Custom Pedalboards.

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