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Effects Pedals

Effects Pedals
Brand: Joyo
MULTIMODE WAH is a multifunctional WAH-WAH pedal, featuring both WAH-WAHand VOLUME functions. With a WAHWAH sound Q value knob, ensuring the sound changes from compact, sharp to mellow, wide style. Moreover, 6 WAH-WAH frequency ranges are available, you can choose different center frequencies to get..
Brand: TC Electronic
The TC Electronic Hall of Fame is among the most acclaimed reverb pedals of all time. Incredible pro-grade sound, great value for money, rugged build quality. Now TC have given it the X4 treatment; a quadruple-threat of ambience that looks set to make waves in the pedal world! Key features ..
Dunlop ECB-555 Footswitch Part for MXR pedals DPDT
Out Of Stock
Brand: Dunlop
ORIGINAL Dunlop® Electronic Components DPDT latching footswitch with solder lugs for MXR and other effects pedals. Made in Mexico...
Brand: Caline
Organize and spice up your pedalboard with these universal pedal topper.  Works with most pedal...
Brand: Caline
CP-35 Golden Halo Acoustic Simulator Good sounding acoustic simulator pedals are very hard to come, especially at a good price. However the Golden Halo by Caline can give you some incredibly authentic sounding acoustic tones at a very low price. The Top control adjusts the high end and Body simulate..
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