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Wampler Equator Advanced Audio Equalizer
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Brand: Wampler
EQ is the most important part of your sound, and often the most overlooked... The often overlooked EQ pedal is one of the most powerful devices that you can place in your rig. And if the constant demand for one from Wampler fans is any indication, we admit that the introduction of the Wampler EQua..
Wampler EQuator
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Brand: Wampler
Equalizer Tailored to the needs of modern musicians 2 Parametric center controls make it possible to precisely adjust the desired sound A lot of output to boost the pre-amplifier stage Controls: Volume - bass - mid1 level - mid1 freq - mid2 level - mid2 freq - treble LED: Effect on Footswitch:..
Brand: Rowin
■Rowin Bass EQ ■Price: 1,750 ■COD/Cash on Delivery..
Brand: MXR
MXR® KERRY KING TEN BAND EQKFK1   This beastly, tattoo-covered pedal provides the same tone and level control as the M108, but the King can punish two amps at once thanks to its dual outputs.   THE LONG STORY. If MXR's M108 10-Band EQ isn't heavy enough for you, check out its evil twin, ..
Brand: MXR
The Six Band EQ provides control over all the essential guitar frequencies, with each slider ready to deliver 18dB of cut or boost. Product Manual   THE LONG STORY. The MXR 6-Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies, with each slider ready to deliver +/-18dB of cut or boost for i..
MXR 10-band EQ M108S
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Brand: MXR
MXR® TEN BAND EQ M108S   The MXR Ten Band EQ lets you tune your bass or guitar rig in seconds, and it's been upgraded with noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, a lightweight aluminum housing, brighter LEDs, and a second output.               THE LONG STORY. ..
Brand: Joyo
Joyo R12 R-Series Band Controller 10 Band Graphic EQ This 10 band EQ effect pedal is suitable for both Bass and Guitar. The frequency band ranges from 31.25Hz to 16kHz. . On the pedal’s right side, there is an independent Volume Control Knob, and the related LED light on each knob flickers according..
Brand: Joyo
JOYO 10 BAND GRAPHIC EQ CONTROLLER The JOYO 10 band Graphic EQ effect pedal is suitable for both Bass and Guitar, giving you shaping control over frequency band ranges from 31.25Hz to 16 kHz. A 10 band slide control dials in deep lows, fantastic bright mids and crystal clear high end frequencies. Th..
Joyo JF-11 6-band Equalizer Guitar Effect Pedal
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Brand: Joyo
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION EQ pedals are a really underappreciated way to shape your guitar signal. Highs can be boosted for more articulation in overdrive. Mids frequencies can be boosted to stand out in the mix. Lows can be cut to make things less muddy. It's really endless the amount of tone shaping tha..
Free The Tone PA-1QG Analog 10 Band Programmable EQ for Guitar
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Brand: Free the Tone
The Free The Tone PA-1Q series are epoch-making devices produced by pursuing integration of digital and analog technologies cultivated through the development of the AMBI SPACE and TRI AVATAR. At first glance the PA-1Q series look like digital equalizer effects units but are "analog equ..
Empress ParaEq with Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
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The ParaEq w/Boost gives musicians a powerful, musical, high quality EQ in a conveniently small package. The signal path of the ParaEq w/Boost is comprised of the highest quality components chosen for their transparency, powerful tone shaping capabilities, and low operating noise. With the Empress P..
Brand: Caline
CP-81 10 Band EQ with Volume/ Gain The new 10 Band EQ is based on our CP-24 10 Band EQ, now with an added volume channel. You can really fine tune your tone with this EQ pedal due to the massive range of channels - 31.25Hz, 62.5Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1k Hz, 2k Hz, 4k Hz, 8k Hz and 16k Hz. With vol..
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