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Octave and Pitch

TC Electronic Quintessence Harmonizer
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Brand: TC Electronic
The TC Electronic Quintessence harmony pedal is capable of some serious sonic movement. It generates intelligent two-voice harmonies over your playing, with full creative control offered by TC's TonePrint app for creating your own custom settings. And that's just the start. Equipped with a MASH expr..
Mooer Pitch Step Harmonizer/Pitch Shift
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Brand: Mooer
Pitch shifter / harmonising effect Fast, accurate, polyphonic pitch-shifting Optional dry-signal output for harmonizing effects 2 x Main modes (pitch shift / harmony) 3 x Expression pedal modes (SUB / UP / S + U) Controller for -OCT and + OCT 3-Way switch to select between SUB / UP / S + U 2-..
Joyo R-13 XVI Polyphonic Octave Guitar Effects Pedal
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Brand: Joyo
Joyo R13 XVI Polyphonic Octave Guitar Effect Pedal The pedal features controls for mixing Sub Octave Control, Up Octave Control to adjust pitch. Dry control increases the input dry volume. Modulation Control to unleash the organ tones. The pedals Mod control is the thing you twiddle to get the big r..
Brand: Joyo
JOYO XVI POLYPHONIC OCTAVE GUITAR EFFECT PEDAL Of all the wonderful developments in JOYO Technology the XV1 Polyphonic Octave guitar effect pedal is one of the most exciting. Everyone loves a good octave, until now we have had our OCHO monophonic pedal which allowed 2 octaves down, both  add some me..
Brand: Joyo
JOYO JF-12 ULTIMATE FUZZ AND OCTAVE GUITAR EFFECT PEDAL Product Information JOYO Ultimate Octave pedal gives the guitar player some really cool options to work with. The fuzz on the ultimate octave is a brilliantly thick snarling beast. At the lowest possible settings you can coax a more 'vintage..
Transpose your guitar or bass up to three octaves electro-harmonix's Pitch Fork polyphonic pitch shifter can make your 6-string guitar sing like it a 12- or 18-string guitar, emulate a synth, and get some truly unique sounds without glitches. Choose between single note pitch shifting or dual note ..
Electro-Harmonix Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork
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This item is now available!Transposes over a +/- three octave range. Three shift modes: up, down or dual. 11-position Shift knob selects the transposition interval. EXP input lets you control pitch shift or glissando via optional expression pedal. Latch and Momentary modes affect how the footswitch ..
Caline CP-36 Big Dipper Pitch Shifter
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Brand: Caline
CP-36 "Big Dipper” Pitch Shifter The CP-36 Pitch Shifter is a new pedal from Caline with a boatload of options which allow you to get practically any pitch or octave sound you're after. Great with single notes and chords alike. The wet and dry knobs allow you to blend the original signal vs the ..
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