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About Us
What is Pedallion?

Pedallion is an E-Commerce Internet platform for music based in the Philippines.

The website is in a form of a marketplace where musicians can safely engage in the buying and selling of musical gear, accessories as well as their original musical compositions.

We, the progenitors of Pedallion, are also musicians. As musicians, we definitely love musical gear.

The name "Pedallion" is a combination of effects "Pedals" as an component for making awesome tones and the other half is

"Medallion" that is a piece of jewelry that represents something normally worn around the neck.

We strive our best to give you the most simplistic experience for online buying.

Where is your store located?

Pedallion is a Buy and Sell website for musicians where any individual can use our platform to sell their products

We do not stock, sell or manufacture any product listed in this website

Therefore, we do not have a store or a warehouse

What are your support contacts?

You can send us a message at our  page or email us at for support

We also have a chat support by clicking here

Are you on Social Media?

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Is this product available?

Normally, you will see if the item is available if:

1. There is NO sold label

2.You will see how many quantities available at the product details just above the price

Do you have this Product X?

You can use the search bar to see if there is any seller listed the product you are looking for

Is this Brand New?

You will see the condition of the item at the product details just above the price

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Online Banking

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