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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer Resource

How to Register as buyer

Using the web version, 1.Click on the "sign up" button on the top right hand corner. 2.Fill out the new user form. 3.Click "register".

How do I buy a product

Our application was designed just a like your usual e-commerce website. You simply click the "add to cart" button on the product page and proceed with the checkout. You will need to provide your billing and shipping address to receive your orders. Proceed with your preferred payment method and follow instructions for payment. Once paid, simply wait for your product to arrive.

Is this product available

If you see the product without an "Out of Stock" label, then the product is presumed available. Once you purchase the product and the seller has updated you that the product is sold out, we will refund you the payment

Is this brand new

You will see the condition of the item at the product details just above the price

Where will my order come from

The sellers pack and fulfill the orders from their end and will ship your order directly to your delivery address. If you order from more than 1 seller, you order will come from different locations and may arrive on different time and dates. Orders will not go through or inspected by Pedallion