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Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Resource

How to register as seller

Using the web version, you simply login to your normal account. Then click the "Create Your Shop" button on the top of this page. Populate the required details. No need to submit documents or approval. You can start selling immediately

How to add a product

Using the web version, 1.Under the seller panel select dashboard in the left hand column. 2.Select "add product in shop" on the right side of the page. 3.Fill out the product details. 4.Once done , select " Save changes " Product approval will only take minutes

What to do if I sold a product

You will receive an email notification when someone has placed an order to your product and marked as "Payment Pending". You going to have to wait until the buyer has paid for the item. Pedallion will update your order by marking it as "Paid". Then you are required to fulfill the order

Which shipping company I can use

You can freely use whichever shipping company you prefer in your most convenient process, time and place.

How do I get paid

Once an order is received, you will need to ship out the order using your own preferred shipping method. Our system allows you to upload the order tracking number. We will review the shipping number, once delivered, the order amount will be credited to your Pedallion wallet where you can request to transfer the funds to your bank account

Which bank accounts are available for Payouts

We outsource our payout processing from Dragonpay in which they are allowed to transfer payouts to these local banks: Banco de Oro, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, UCPB, Unionbank, Chinabank, Eastwest Bank, Security Bank, Landbank, PNB,, Asia United Bank

How to use PayPal

In order to use paypal, you are going to need a verified PayPal account. Then simply put your PayPal details at Seller Tab > Shop > Payment Information. When a buyer purchases using PayPal, the payment goes directly to your PayPal account. Please be aware of the fees PayPal charges.