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JHS Pedals don't beat around the bush when explaining how they got their ideas. The Clover preamp pedal is a goodwill interpretation of the legendary Boss FA-1 FET preamp made famous by the The Edge of U2.

Modern Features, Classic Sound

Whatever music you play, the Clover has an important role to play on your pedalboard. Boost overdrive pedals, send a tube amp into full-on crunch, deliver pure punchiness from your single coil pickups or define fat sounding humbuckers with absolute clarity.

Guitar pedals have come a long way since the '80s and the Clover's several nifty features reflect that. It still houses the same incredible circuitry known for it's superb accentuation and boosting abilities, but you can now select the frequencies you control even more precisely.


The Clover operates a standard three-knob EQ, but you have the choice to use all three for tonal flexibility, cut mids control to exactly replicate the FA-1, or dismiss all control so the pedal puts its own stamp on proceedings. 

A Low Cut dip switch on the side of the pedal allows you to remove of the lows if you find your sound is too muddy or need to slice through a mix.    

The addition of a ground lift switch removes hum when using the Clover's XLR output. Yet another example of JHS Pedals' thoughtful contributions towards pedal design.


Bass and acoustic players can use the Clover too! Its XLR output means you can hook it up to a soundboard or interface. It was designed with bassists and acoustic guitars in mind. Are you after more definition or dynamics from your instrument? The Clover has every base covered. 


  • The XLR output is identical to the 1/4” output.
  • Has up to +24dB of gain (X16.4) (EQ Flat).
  • Treble +/- 15dB shelving filter at 10kHz
  • Middle +/- 15dB peaking filter at 1.3kHz
  • Bass +/- 15dB shelving filter at 270Hz (3dB freq)
  • Lo cut engaged -3dB point at 212Hz
  • Input impedance >1M ohm
  • Output impedance = 520ohms
  • Current draw at idle = 45.5mA
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