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Brand: JHS
JHS Moonshine V1  Functionality 10/10 Cosmetics 10/10 Complete box and papers..
Brand: JHS
The JHS Pedals Mini Foot may look like a toy, but it's a serious beast of a tone machine. Switch between low-gain velvety goodness and infinite sustaining fuzz. This could be one of the most versatile mini guitar pedals.  Controls You can't go wrong dialling in a fuzz tone here. T..
Brand: JHS
JHS are known for being obsessive about sound, and as persistent tone-chasers they update their pedal designs to be the best that they can! The Double Barrel V4 is the result of this ethos, and JHS have given it some big updates keep the ball rolling. Double the Fun! The Double Barrel Overdriv..
Brand: JHS
Andy's Overdriven Tone and More If you're looking to nail Andy Timmons's signature tone, then it's waiting inside the JHS AT Drive V2. And with the addition of an independently switchable boost circuit, there's more onboard the AT Drive than ever before. Andy kept the tone and..
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