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Brand: NUX
????????????Nux Stageman AC-50???????????? ???????? Stageman Acoustic Guitar Amplifier w/ Digital FX & Jam Function Elevated Features Stageman AC50 is designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your acoustic guitar and vocals. The front control panel has 2 identical channels and ..
Brand: NUX
NUX MFX-10 Multi-Effects Processor Guitar Pedal Brand new with adaptor Specs: ✔Effects types: 55 ✔Effect modules: Max. 8 simultaneous modules ✔Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz;Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz ±1dB ✔AD/DA converter: 24bit;Signal processing: 32bit ✔Dimensions: 330(L) ..
Brand: NUX
Nux Loop Core Deluxe Bundle Looper ✔Up to 8 hours of recording time ✔Unlimited overdubs ✔24-bit audio quality ✔99 Internal storage locations ✔Drum computer with 40 different style patterns ✔Automatic tempo adjustment ✔Mini-B USB port for importing and storing loops (only 24-bit /..
Brand: NUX
Nux B2 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System About this Nux B2 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System Nux B2, is a digital, wireless system designed for maximum compatibility for home or studio rehearsals. Nux B2 passed rigorous testing to achieve the highest signal stability and audio transmission quali..
Brand: NUX
Mighty Lite BT Desktop Guitar Amplifier Portable, Bluetooth Desktop Guitar Amplifier NUX Mighty Lite BT is a new standard for the mini class amplifiers. It’s lightweight and literally small all-in-one portable guitar amplifier. It's a low-watt practice amp that you can use in any room at your ..
Brand: NUX
Cerberus Integrated Effects and Controller ⭐Can use Cerberus as a stand-alone device to prepare your setup and control as a stomp-box chain and/or save any combinations including routing as a preset and recall by a single click. You can add your essential gears into the chain with using 4 cable meth..
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