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Oak Grigsby

Brand: Oak Grigsby
A popular mod for Tele¨! Adds a fourth "fat tone" selection. Along with the three standard pickup selection positions (bridge / bridge+neck / neck), it adds a fourth position that combines the bridge and neck pickups in series, for a fatter tone. Specifications Body cavity depth require..
Brand: Oak Grigsby
Custom wirings, new sounds! Wire guitars in imaginative new ways with this special 4-pole, 5-way lever switch. It has six lugs per pole, for virtually limitless pickup and coil selection options. Black and white knobs, screws and instructions included. Specifications: Body cavity depth required - ..
Brand: Oak Grigsby
OAK Style pickup selector switch (Please read the details) High quality OAK Style pickup selector blade switch. Made in Korea. Remove the noise, ground and scratchy sounds when switching between pickups. This guitar switch is perfect for your electronics upgrade. OPTIONS: 5-way pickup selector ..
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