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PettyJohn - SHIFT Pedal
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Product Overview Our goal in creating this pedal was to fill what we saw as a hole in the market for a true studio-grade utility box. There are five main functional uses for the SHIFT:   1. Buffer & boost 2. Studio grade direct box 3. Tone color box 4. Re-amp tool 5. Cable extender system   ..
₱10,220.00 ₱14,600.00
PettyJohn -  Gold MKII Pedal
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Product Overview The Pettyjohn GOLD MKII is an update to our best selling golden amp overdrive. The GOLD has been loved for its ability to sound and feel like a high watt Plexi syle amp.   Now with greatly extended controls and gain range the GOLD MKII can satisfy almost anyone looking for anythi..
₱11,250.00 ₱15,000.00
PettyJohn - Lift Pedal
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The Pettyjohn LIFT is the third offering in their new single pedal format, The Foundry Series, and it draws inspiration from their Original Signature Pedal, The PreDrive. The LIFT is a studio-grade Buffer/Boost pedal utilizing the best of modern Discrete Opamp technology. The LIFT is built with the ..
₱9,590.00 ₱13,700.00
Product Description The Pettyjohn IRON MKII is a full re-work of our classic medium gain overdrive. Below is a deep-drive into the features of the IRON MKII. All New EQ We sharpened our pencils and set out to improve one of our favorite pedals. We decided to start by vastly increasing the frequen..
Product Description The Fuze is a studio-grade distortion and fuzz pedal featuring two independent circuits, one for distortion and one for fuzz. Each circuit has been tailored with great care to provide excellent feel and musicality normally found in high wattage tube amps. Furthermore, each circ..
  Product Description The Pettyjohn CHIME MKII is a major update to our signature low-medium gain overdrive. Since it’s release nearly three years ago the CHIME has become our most popular pedal to-date and gained somewhat of a cult following. The CHIME has been loved for its ability to sweeten yo..
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