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Poly Effects - Poly Digit

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  • Brand: Poly Effects
  • Model : Poly Digit - Quad Delay, Reverb, Mixer, Cab Sim.
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Quad Channel Delay, Reverb, Mixer & Cab Sim

I'm about 1 month behind on orders, so new orders will ship in September.

If your country isn't in the list for shipping please contact me and I'll add it.

Modification system

All the parameters in digit can be controlled with the on board modification system. If you want wetter delay on the 1 beat, filtered reverb when you dig in, ducked repeats, it's all possible. Digit has on board sequencers / LFOs / envelope generator.

Flexible routing

Effects can be run in any order or into each other and you also have up to 3 inserts / effects loops. This allows you to have a pedal just effecting one of your delays repeats while another pedal effects your reverb tail or for you to mix different chains. This isn't just an effect loop though, it's a mixer. Levels can be changed by the modifiers so you can play harder and get more of the effect or the amount of effect can change over time.


  • 4 in / 4 out
  • 4 delay engines at once plus reverb, mixer and cab sim can all enabled simultaneously.
  • MIDI input and output on TRS
  • 5" touch screen
  • Multiple built in effects on wet paths including resonant filters, EQ, compressor, saturation, tape / tube emulation and more
  • All main effects can run at once
  • Flexible routing / matrix mixer
  • Tap tempo with multi-master sync
  • MIDI Clock out.
  • Many reverb types
  • Can modulate delay time
  • Individual subdivisions and full control per delay.
  • Very short to very long delay (microseconds to 30 seconds)
  • Weird ratios possible.
  • Ludicrous number of presets slots
  • Preset browser / tagging for easy navigation
  • Many built in cabinet IRs.
  • 9V 500ma power required (not included)

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