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TC Helicon MP-76 Vocal Microphone with Advanced Control

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  • Brand: TC Helicon
  • Model : TC Helicon MP-76 Vocal Microphone with Advanced Control
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You’ve got the power

The MP-76 is the only microphone of its kind. It’s not only designed to endure a life on the road, it’s designed to give you all the vocal control you could ever want. With its 4 Mic Control™ buttons and a numeric LCD-display, the MP-76 puts effects control back where it belongs – into your hands.

  • Dynamic performance microphone with superior vocal tone and feedback rejection

  • 4 user-assignable Mic Control™ buttons for creative FX control

  • Backlit display shows preset number and HIT status

More is better

Going from one button on our original MP-75, to four buttons on the MP-76 increases your options exponentially for every added button. Say you want to be able to make loops AND activate effects without having to wander back to your processor? You can do it. Say you want to switch to a different preset for the chorus, then push the HIT button and send it over the top with a huge Echo trail, Megaphone lyric, Harmony line or even all three at once? You can do it.

You choose what the four buttons control and you choose when to activate effects. Most importantly, you choose where on the stage to trigger those moments.

Sometimes feedback is good

Visual feedback that is. The backlit LCD display lets you know what preset you’re on and whether you’ve activated HIT or not. This is so you can be prepared to unleash that supremo vocal effect without giving it away beforehand. The number of pro microphones that have a lit display onboard can be counted on one hand – minus four fingers, of course. The MP-76 is it! In terms of live performances, the MP-76 is a game changer.


Look Ma, no batteries

All this capability is achieved with a standard mic cable (yes, you can use any old XLR cable you got lying around), and the microphone itself is powered simply by the trickle of phantom power sent from your TC-Helicon processor. Unlike voltage-hungry wireless mics, or other types of remote audio gear, you’ll never have to worry about, change, or throw away a battery again.

All this and feedback reduction too?

The MP-76 features a Super-cardioid dynamic Lismer™ capsule with a wide responsive range and a high output. This capsule is specially designed to deliver the best off-axis feedback suppression in its class, as well as rejection of pitched sources nearby that can impact Harmony and other pitch-sensitive effects. In addition, a dual material diaphragm with light and rigid sections produces optimal high frequency response. If you’re making use of the latest in vocal processing, this microphone helps to further give your sound that studio-produced edge.

  • 50Hz-18kHz frequency response

  • Patented neodymium magnet structure for high output

  • Internal suspended dual shock mount


You’ll need to own or purchase a compatible TC-Helicon vocal processor* to access this magic. If you haven’t yet joined the TC-Helicon user fraternity, welcome! It’s fun in here.


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